Spring Candle Mat Pattern with Birds and Tulips

Enjoy making Spring candle mats, penny rugs and table runners with this wool felt tulip flower and yellow bird chick pattern. Design from SewFelt with Etsy patterns available also.

Spring candle mats are a great way to add in a touch of pretty color into your home. These small wool felt applique mats are fairly quick to sew by hand and can really jazz up your existing table decor.

I was inspired by the Spring season to come up with pretty yellow birds and tulip flowers. These colorful and bold motifs repeat wonderfully around the circular scalloped mat for a bright and cheerful mat that is also perfect for Easter.

Wool felt candle mats were traditionally designed to show off a candle in the middle of the circular design. You can enjoy these small table mats just as they are, with a flameless candle or even opt to add in a small vase or decoration as the centerpiece.

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Set Your Table for Spring With a Bird and Tulip Wool Felt Candle Mat Pattern

Wool felt is an ideal choice of material to use for hand stitching small home decor items. Because there is no need to deal with edges that might fray (as with most fabrics) you just need to focus on the actual stitching.

What You Need to Make This Spring Candle Mat

Spring Candlemat Penny Rug Wool Felt Applique PDF Pattern Design Instant Download Sewfelt

This design is available in my Sellfy store, on Craftsy and in my Etsy store. Note that Etsy may charge more because they add taxes on top of the purchase.

Most candle mat designs are similar in size to a standard placemat which means they are a smaller applique project that won’t take too long to make. Here’s a run down of how I made this Spring bird and tulip flower design.

Making the Spring Candle Mat Design

Spring candle mat hand basted yellow birds chicks with blue and lilac tulip flowers

Most of the stitching for a candle mat is initially done on one base layer. I chose a scalloped circle design for the mat which works well with repeating the bird and tulip flower motifs.

You can work on sewing down one motif at a time but I prefer to get the main motifs basted into place first.

There are lots of different ways in which to temporarily secure felt applique pieces to a background. For the Spring candle mat, I chose to baste with a single strand of white thread which is easy to pull out once the motifs are stitched into place.

Embroidered embroidery floss blue wool felt Spring tulip flower sewed with buttonhole blanket stitch and backstitch

For the tulip flowers, I went with blue and purple colors. Blanket stitch in 4 strands of embroidery floss worked well to highlight the leaves and the flower heads.

Finer lines of backstitch with 2 strands of floss are used on the stem and also along the middle of the leaves to pick out the vein. The leaves are worked in 2 shades of green with a lighter background color and a darker green on the top.

Yellow Spring Easter Chick bird hand sewn with felt and a orange button eye

The yellow Spring birds or chicks are also sewn with backstitch and blanket stitch. The eyes are made from buttons to add in a different texture. I could have used beads for the eyes or small circles of felt.

Yellow chick birds and tulip flowers for a Spring and Easter themed felt applique mat pattern for the table

Once all the birds and flowers have been stitched around the outside scalloped edges, I added in a circle of dark yellow felt in the center of the candle mat.

The color ties in with the birds and also marks out an area where something like a flameless candle, small vase, mug or decoration could stand. I used a color change, variegated thread around the outside of this circle.

Blue beads on embroidery floss add detail to this hand sewn felt bird

To add in a fun element, I opted for these cute striped beads which have been sewn on with 6 stranded embroidery floss and a larger eyed chenille needle.

The beaded bird legs add in a swish of movement to the mat design. Although they are pictured here coming off the felt mat base, they will sit on top of the second and final base layer for the mat which I’m adding in a blue color.

Using blanket buttonhole stitch around the scalloped mat edges to sew onto another layer of wool felt

Once everything is stitched onto the top layer of the mat, I can add on another layer to make the design a bit larger and also make it stand out more.

You could simply sew around the edges to finish it as it is but adding a second base layer of felt conveniently hides all the messy stitches on the reverse of your mat as well as giving it a nicer thickness and finish.

I positioned the top layer of the mat into the middle of a larger sheet of felt (12 x 12 inches) and sewed blanket stitch around all the scalloped edges to secure it in place.

Sewing the Easter Spring themed candle mat up onto another layer of felt

You could leave the mat as a square design but I prefer to use the first layer of the candle mat as a guide to then trace some new scalloped edges about 2 inches away on the blue wool felt using a temporary fabric marker.

I am more or less following the lines of the original candle mat to make another scalloped layer on the blue. Once done, I can pin/baste/staple another square of blue felt to the bottom and then cut out the new scalloped edge.

Sew around this edge with your chosen stitch to complete this candle mat design.

Bird chick and tulip flowers Spring candle mats penny rug design made with wool felt and simple embroidery stitches handmade Etsy

Here is the completed cheerful looking Spring bird and tulip flower wool felt design. It is going to brighten up the table decor with the bright yellow and blue colors.

Candle Mat Wool Felt Applique PDF Pattern Instant Download Tulip Flowers Chick BirdGet PDF at SellfyCandle Mat Wool Felt Applique PDF Pattern Instant Download Tulip Flowers Chick Bird

This design matches my free felt bird ornament which is a quick sew. Why not also make that to hang as a miniature decoration.

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