Welcome to My Magical World of Sewing With Felt

Red and white felt mushroom fairy house plush hand sewn. Discover more about sewing with felt.

Making fun and rather magical looking items with felt has been a passion of mine since I was old enough to sew. Now I’m ready to share all of my tips and knowledge on this craft with you here on SewFelt. These are tips that I’ve built up from over 30 years experience of sewing with felt.

SewFelt is the perfect place to begin and also grow your skills in this craft so you can make your own cute felt items. You’ll also be getting all the techniques that you need for working with felt as well as fun projects to get stuck into.

Enjoy this inspirational page which delves into my favorite craft. You’ll see plenty of finished photos of my personal plush projects to spark off your own ideas. Be inspired to start and grow your own skills further with this wonderful and relaxing hobby.

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You Must See This Magical World of Sewing With Felt

Handmade owl plushie plush animal bird with decorative embroidery

If you have even the slightest interest in sewing with felt and also in making your own handmade plushies, you’ll discover much more about the working process of creating these felt projects on this site.

I’ll start with some of my simpler ideas and projects for newbies. Then I’ll work my way up to showing you some pretty advanced and detailed items with all the sewing techniques involved.

Whatever else you may take away from visiting my SewFelt site today, I truly hope that this will ignite a desire that really makes you want to get those sewing needles and threads out.

My First Experiment With Making Felt Plushies Started with Pincushions

Mushroom spool pincushion with felt snail hedgehog woodland themed pins

By chance, I happened to see a felt pincushion online that I was really taken with. It was a really fun looking felt and fabric pincushion that used an old wooden thread spool as a base.

I was intrigued with the pincushion design and I spent a while working out exactly how this technique could be done. That chance view of a novelty handmade item started me off on making so many more three-dimensional designs and felt plushies.

This very simple toadstool design was one of my earliest three-dimensional creations. I had already made some spool pincushions with a round top but, when I saw this spotty red fabric, I was suddenly struck by how cute it would look as a mushroom or toadstool cap.

As a child, I’d been taught cross-stitch, knitting, needlepoint, embroidery, patchwork and lots of other fabric crafts. However, all of my designs were flat and one-dimensional.

Even my knitting was flat because I never had any interest in making functional clothing to wear. All I wanted to do was knit up large pieces of decorative and patterned squares and I used different colored yarns to make a type of textile art.

I started experimenting with embroidered designs and patterns worked over the top of simple felt shapes. Felt quickly became my favorite choice of material to sew on. It was an ideal choice because of the no-fray edges and the fact that it was nice and soft to push a needle through and embroider on.

Cute pink mushroom toadstool fairy home plush plushie handmade handsewn

I then designed the pincushion to look like a mushroom. That was the start of making many mushroom and toadstool themed items.

If you love mushroom designs, come see my Mini Felt Mushroom House tutorial HERE.

You can see an example of my felt mushroom and toadstool house above. My earlier and simpler spool pincushions soon evolved into felt fairy homes. If you’re into adding detail into your own projects, why not learn how to make mini felt roses like the one on the pink toadstool home.

My favorites are the miniature mushroom designs because those were my first attempt in making little felt houses – and that is what I love creating most of all.

I had so much “fun-gi” making all these miniature felt shrooms and hope that you will love making them too. These designs are still firmly in my top favorites.

You’ll See My Fascination for Snails Appearing on Most of my Felt Houses

Snail and butterfly woodland tree stump felt plush custom pincushion design

Snails are creature that are a peculiar fascination of mine. They bring back memories of my childhood with days spent stuck in my aunt’s tiny back yard. There wasn’t all that much for me to do except poke around in the dirt.

One day, I discovered a number of snails. I thought it would be fun to race them up my aunt’s wall and didn’t see a problem with that. It was a lot of fun until I got caught.

Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed drawing snails and using their shapes in my arts and crafts. One of my favorite felt pieces that I’ve designed is called Snail Sanctuary which is shown in the photo above.

This is a felt plush tree stump topped with a leaf. A large fabric butterfly rests on top with a snail sheltering underneath.

You can also see an example of a custom snail sewing pin in the image above with a design made from woodland colors and shades. The shell is only as big as my thumb nail so it really is a miniature sewn piece.

I love making tiny snail pins where the shells are made up from rolled colors of felt. These custom pins look rather cute stuck into little flower pot or mushroom pincushions.

My Felt World Really is Magical: Wizards, Sorcerers and Anything You Want to Create is Possible

Wizard home felt plush sorcerer house blue magic theme Harry Potter inspired

Wizards and sorcerers have long been a favorite theme of mine and way before Harry Potter hit the scene too. I’ve loved fantasy books since I was a child because I could get lost in the pages and simply forget about the normal day to day life.

No matter how dull a day was, I could always guarantee escaping into an exciting fantasy world. I regularly got told off for staying up late reading. Eventually, I resorted to using a torch under my bed covers so that I could read my books undisturbed.

After realizing that I could make pretty much any design I wanted from felt, I soon experimented with making a miniature Wizard’s Home with a typical sorcerer’s hat on top.

The Only Limit to What You Can Sew With Felt is Your Imagination

Felt watering can house design flowers butterfly spring theme

Miniature felt houses are my favorite designs to make and I have endless ideas on new types of fairy and fantasy style homes to sew. Most of them may never be made since I have many more ideas than I have time for actually creating everything. But they are not the only felt plush items that I enjoy making.

I enjoy sewing anything that looks cute which includes making sweet designs and especially sewing animals like birds. Woodland animals like owls, hedgehogs, squirrels and foxes are firm favorites for me to embroider onto the felt. Adding in motifs of garden bugs and tiny forms of wildlife such as butterflies, snails and spiders are of huge interest too.

My fairy style felt watering can house was quite a difficult project to stitch. It wasn’t the easiest piece I’ve ever sewn, just because getting the proportions right for the spout and handles were tricky. But I enjoy a challenge and if something is too easy for me to create then I can get bored while making it.

My Intention With SewFelt.com

SewFelt.com the magical world of sewing with felt

I am no longer in a position to sell my handmade felt creations online, mainly due to having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which makes it difficult to sew as much as I would like to.

My plan with this website, SewFelt, is to gradually pass on all my knowledge of hand sewing items with felt. I will share my craft tutorials and sell my unique pattern templates so that you can enjoy making my designs as soon as they become available.

⭐ New to Making Plushies? Visit My Free Beginner Plush Guide and Tutorial and Get Started.

I’m passionate about my crafts and I want to help other people to discover and build a passion for sewing with felt too.

Nothing would make me happier than helping other people to run their own personal craft business by selling items that they’ve made using my own pattern templates and tutorials. However, please make sure you’ve read my copyright policy (link below) first.

Copyright Policy: Selling Items and Sharing Content from Sewfelt

📘 For all details about the copyright policy and whether you can sell completed items made with SewFelt patterns, come visit the Copyright Policy Page here.

Please make sure that you read through my copyright policy before selling any items made using my patterns and templates and also before sharing anything from my SewFelt website.

Contact Me Section

I really appreciate your interest in me and my felt work but please do only contact me with legitimate reasons because I already get a lot of daily email.

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I do not accept any sponsored or guest posts here on SewFelt. Any spam, hate mail and contact that is not relevant will be deleted without a reply.

If I haven’t responded within 5 working days, it is unlikely that I will be responding. Thanks for understanding, Marie

Thanks for joining me to read about my magical journey with felt so far. I hope it has inspired you on a crafting journey of your own.

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