Woodland Wonder Felt Tree House Ornament Tutorial

Felt fabric fairy treehouse hanging ornament tutorial design how to make sew handmade hand stitched plush plushie

Sew a wonderful woodland felt tree house ornament with this step by step photo tutorial that shows you how. Show off your gorgeous greens with the three color leaf design on this mini plush.

This adorable fairy house design looks great hung up as part of a woodland theme garland as well as being displayed and featured all on its own.

Make a sweet little fairy home like my example. Alternatively, leave the door off and add on lines of embroidery to the trunk for more realistic looking tree bark.

Sew a Wonderful Little Woodland Felt Tree House Ornament

Mini felt treehouse designs look great as ornaments to hang up on garlands or stands. These are also a great size for making custom keychains or bag clips as fun and cute statement accessories.

What You Need to Make These

Felt Tree House Ornament Tutorial Pattern Template Plush Plushie Hand Sewn Fairy Treehouse Design How To

This design is available in my Sellfy store, is also on Craftsy and in my Etsy store. Note that Etsy may charge more because they add taxes on top of the purchase.

There are some simple woodland tree drawings online that you can use – look for tree outline in any search engine. I also show how you can quickly make your own pattern if you don’t wish to buy my ready-made inexpensive one.

My 16 page tutorial is available as an instant PDF download. With the purchase of my digital, instant download PDF tutorial and pattern, you get my own design pieces all ready to print out and cut in a choice of 3 different sizes.

SewFelt printed pattern felt tree pieces cut in greens and browns

These are the felt tree house pattern pieces you will need: a front and back section, three different colors for the green tree leaves and a little door if you wish to turn this into a fairy house. You can of course leave the door off to make it into a regular woodland tree.

These cut pieces come from the small template on my own pattern but you can also choose to create a design using your own sketch, tree clipart or outline drawing.

You need a main front and back piece (2 x A) a large leaves section (B) a medium leaves section (C) and a small leaves section (D) as the basics. If you want to make a miniature fairy tree house, you’ll also need a door (E) and a window (F) for the door.

Felt tree in different shades of green fabric

Step 1: How to Cut a Felt Tree Without a Pattern

Ordinary felt trees are not difficult to cut out. My own pattern is quirky and different. I spent a lot of time designing the wonderful curves which makes my felt tree house ornament a lot of fun to sew. If you don’t want to pay a small one-off fee to download and use my pattern, then here’s some tips on making a tree design yourself.

Cut a rectangle shape for the trunk in brown. A straight rectangle looks a bit too plain, so cut a gentle circular curve down each long side to turn it into more of a trunk shape.

For the leafy parts of the tree, circle or oval shapes work well. You need 3 sections in different shades of green that will sit inside each other.

If you have a set of circle cookie cutters, you may get the shapes and sizes you need there. Alternatively, start by drawing around the base of a mug for the largest section and work down from there.

Once the whole of the front is sewn up (see the rest of this page below for how to sew up your design) you can draw around your front piece to make the felt backing.

Wood tree in three colors of green felt with brown trunk and orange button for decoration in felt

Step 2: Starting to Sew the Felt Tree House

My PDF tutorial goes into a lot more detail, but this page gives you all the basics for sewing your own felt tree house ornament by hand.

Layer up all the green leaf sections (B, C and D) on top of a front piece (A) which is cut from brown felt fabric. Make sure everything is lined up as you want it.

Choose a button (I picked a bright orange one) and place on top of all three leaf sections. If you don’t have a button then a small circle of felt in a contrasting color can also work well.

Sew this button on to secure all parts (A, B, C and D) in one go. Doing this not only adds a cute accent but also means that there is now no need to pin or glue.

Now sew around the edges of parts C and D (the inner leaf sections) to secure those felt pieces in place. I use 2 strands of thread for everything in this small pattern. I love to use blanket stitch for this but running stitch or an alternative choice is also fine.

Orange felt fabric tiny door with white window sewn on with orange color embroidery floss thread

Step 3: Add on a Door to Make a Fairy Treehouse

If you want to make a regular tree, you’ll skip this step. But every good fairy house needs a little door so that’s what we’re adding.

Place the door (pattern piece E) at the middle bottom of the tree trunk and then place the door’s window (F) on top.

These are easily secured in place with one long stitch over the window vertically and horizontally. Make sure to add a tiny stitch over the two threads where they meet in the middle and this secures them in place.

You can use the same thread to sew around the door edge if you want. I used a color to match the door but you can choose the thread you like.

Orange color detail on the felt fabric tree ornament design

Step 4: Add Some Detail

My design gives a suggestion for adding a simple swirl of embroidery up one side of the tree trunk and over the door as well as an added flower bead.

I drew on my swirl with a water erasable fabric marker and then stitched over the pen mark with a simple running stitch in a variegated color change thread.

A small flower bead adds on some matching detail and works with the orange colors used as accents.

Fiberfill fiber toy stuffing being added to a small tree plush design through the brown trunk

Step 5: Sewing the Front to the Back of the Plush

Now is the time to finish adding on any other details on to the front of your mini tree house plush. Perhaps you want to add on some beading or some more embroidery. Finish the front design completely.

📘 Learn how to turn your felt tree house plush into a hanging ornament HERE.

Next, decide if you want to turn your felt tree into a hanging ornament, a brooch pin or something else. Maybe you just want it as a filled tree shape. You’ll need to make this decision and implement it before you sew the front to the back.

Place the front onto back piece A and start to sew around your design. You may find it easier to sew around the edges of the narrower tree trunk first before the wider tree leaves area. It can be done either way.

Do not sew all the way around. I used blanket stitch around the green leaves and then started to stuff with fiber fill once that was almost done.

Fiber fill polyester toy stuffing being added to handmade tree plush ornament

Step 6: Finish Stuffing Your Tree Plush

Work your way around sewing the edges of the tree house ornament and stuff as you go. I switched to a backstitch around the tree trunk area.

📘 LEARN more about how to stuff felt plushies here.

Stuff the tree trunk section with your fiber fill. Pull off small amounts of the stuffing and carefully push them inside the trunk to pad it out nicely.

Green and brown felt tree house ornament decorative stitching

Step 7: A Finished Felt Tree House Ornament

Here is a finished fairy tree house ornament design. I used gold glitter thread over the door window and a little seed bead for the door knob.

Get the Detailed Tutorial PLUS Pattern in 3 Different Sizes

Felt Tree House Ornament Tutorial Pattern Template Plush Plushie Hand Sewn Fairy Treehouse Design How To

This design is available in my Sellfy store, is also on Craftsy and in my Etsy store. Note that Etsy may charge more because they add taxes on top of the purchase.

The instant download PDF has a detailed 16 page tutorial with text, photos and 3 different printable pattern sizes.

Pattern sizes are approx 4, 5 and 6.5 inches tall. I recommend that you start with the medium sized pattern if you are unsure about which one to choose.

Mini felt plush plushie design fairy treehouses bag and keyring clips

More Mini Treehouse Plush Designs

Here, instead of ornaments, I’ve attached clips on to the ribbon loop at the top so these can be attached easily onto a bag. You can also make these into fun custom keychains.

⭐ GET the full and detailed step by step tutorial along with all the tree pattern pieces to print out HERE in my online store. My 16 page tutorial has 3 different pattern sizes ready for you to print and is available as an instant PDF download.

I hope you’ve got lots of ideas on how you are going to make your own felt woodland tree plush and the color scheme that you will use. Team this up with my mini mushroom plush design to make your own little woodland theme garland.

Come see what other felt ornaments you can make.

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